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A Healthy Happy Life Is Within Reach

We are here to help support and inspire you on your journey toward your vision of optimal wellbeing. We serve individuals, couples, and families.

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The Journey Towards Wellness and Wellbeing Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Our first session was pretty eye opening. I can't believe what we uncovered in such a short time. Your questions gave me so much to think about."

- Angie T.

" I came into this coaching thing with an idea that I needed change, but I didn't think I knew what to do. I was scared to change, but knew it was time. You showed me that I do know exactly what to do, and you are helping me follow my path with positivity and curiosity. Thank you Coach Kendra!"

- Alyssa G.

" I am so glad I found a place I can learn to practice Yoga that is private, and focused on my needs. Big groups were overwhelming at my gym, and I felt very unsure of myself. At your place I feel safe because you are working with me every step of the way, and its peaceful there so I can focus on what we are doing."

- Evan S.

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Let’s Move Toward WellBeing!


This area will be opening in 2023.

Ever wanted a personal Yoga Coach? Not into big classes or maybe you just want to work on Yoga thats just for you?  Our YogaMedCo trained coaches are just what you need. We offer one on one, couples and families Private Yoga Coaching. Together we will work on what moves you! Mind, Body and Soul.

Everyone can benefit from a partner sometimes! Whether your are working toward new health goals, are trying to decide on a new career or life direction, want to reach a new fitness level, need to discover your purpose, need to reduce your stress, or are considering other personal changes; our Coaches specialize in partner ship with clients to help them move forward. 

Wooossahhhhh.... We all need a calming and centering moment at times. Sometimes we need to tell ourselves we are ok. Other times we just need to breathe. Here we offer personalized guided meditation, affirmation development, self talk training and more. Our goal is to help you develop a healthy mindfulness routine for life.

pERSONAL Fitness

This area will be opening in 2023.


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