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Personal Yoga Coaching

Yoga is a practice of breath control, mindfulness, poses and movement that promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit.  We offer in studio and in nature options for personalized one on one Yoga Coaching for individuals, families, and couples. No large classes or one size fits all approach. We believe your Yoga practice is personal and we direct our focus to your needs in the moment and over time. Whether its your mind, body or spirit that needs peace or movement, our personalize Yoga Coaching is here to support and nourish your needs. We are able to work with you in many areas to help you improve your health and wellness. Our coaches will meet you where you are (physically and emotionally) and work with you toward your Yoga goals. Though a partnership approach we support you in developing a Yoga practice that's just right for you.

Yoga Practice

Individual Coaching

Love of self is at the core of what we do here at BIH&W. Our one on one Yoga Coaching is perfect for those that want a personal, private Yoga practiced geared toward their individual goals. Focusing just on you and your needs is a great foundation for self care, and personal growth.

Couple Doing Yoga Pose

Couples Coaching

Couples Yoga Coaching is a great option for partners seeking to deepen their connection through physical cooperation and shared mindfulness. Supporting one another's goals in Yoga is both enriching and satisfying. In our private studio our coaches will help you develop a practice you can continue together for a lifetime.

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Family Coaching

Families that stay active together can enjoy deeper bonds, promote a greater sense of belonging, and thrive through healthy movement and mindfulness; both as a group and as individuals. Leading by example in the areas of personal well being and sharing  family wellness time will teach young ones to care for themselves later in life and promote positive lifelong family connections. Our coaches will work with you to develop a family Yoga practice that is just right for your family.

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